Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss

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Farrah Gold By glitter_xox Completed

Every midnight, she feels a warm sensation on her lips. She smiles. Within a second it's gone. 

She wakes up, to see a blue crystal rose, on her bed. 

She smiles, knowing who it is. 
Her Midnight Kiss.

Magnificent, Enthralling, Captivating, that's your hook don't change a thing.
Hating you is like hating a puppy. No matter how hard you try you keep coming back.(I've never hated you btw just saying)
The day we hate you is the day chocolate tastes bad and that my friend is impossible
Awww I love the description you put in!, i think its gonna be a cute book 😘
i'll be damned if it's not liam . but i have a feeling it's not liam
Sounds interesting and mysterious leaves the reader wanting to read on and find out more !*