My Pathological Teacher III •TomEllis✔️•

My Pathological Teacher III •TomEllis✔️•

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Delilah Gibson is a 15 year old, quiet girl who lives by herself on the weekdays but on the weekends is abused by her alcoholic father.  Delilah soon turns to the internet for attention and meets a man named Rowen Kinsley. The two instantly form a connection until she finds out he is her new Social Studies teacher. Once Delilah tries to break it off, Rowen can't take no for an answer believing that she needs him more than anyone

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Completed: September 24, 2016 




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<Emilia Clarke as Delilah Gibson>
<Tom Ellis as Rowen Kinsley>
<Paul Bettany as Gary Gibson>
<Tim Williams as Brad McRoy>

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patron_blue patron_blue Aug 30, 2017
^^ but shes so lonely because her dad is abusive and her mom left and she had a creep as a neighbor when all she wants is for someone to love her.
ZaharaKhan6 ZaharaKhan6 Jan 03
What the??! Stop giving your address to a complete stranger 😥 God help this poor child by giving her some brain
hausaz hausaz Feb 03
Unfortunately, I can relate to this atm. However, no matter who I tell, they never believe me and it really sucks. It's not bad or anything, but he just makes me very uncomfortable and constantly makes inappropriate comments towards me.
1800trymehoe 1800trymehoe Nov 06, 2017
Lol same. My crusty dusty fuktarded teacher around his late 20s to 30s kept finding away to keep me after class and each time, my smart ass would find an excuse to go to the toilet then I ran away to the cafeteria to eat.
KylieKForever KylieKForever 7 days ago
I swear!😂 If this is not a dark book this would be something funny and cliché with a happy ending! Hooray!👏👏👏😂 but unfortunately it wasn't😂
Aurian2 Aurian2 Jan 27
*unidentifiable mix of screaming, monkey sounds, cat noises and the occasional cough*