Naruto (various) x Reader  Weakness

Naruto (various) x Reader Weakness

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Khytana By Khytana_ Updated Jan 11, 2017

This is my first wattpad story so forgive me if i make any mistakes and also forgive me if I get a scene wrong, thank you. I am taking the scenes both from the manga and the anime but mostly the manga, just to let you guys know. Update: I own nothing except some drawings and my (Y/N) and her profile.

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JOtakuAnime JOtakuAnime Sep 27, 2017
😂😂😂😂 Iruka... Get ready to talk about the bees and the bees!!
JOtakuAnime JOtakuAnime Sep 27, 2017
Yup! I'm so prepared that I can LITERALLY eat a whole horse in 5 seconds 😂
NashiDragfilia213 NashiDragfilia213 Apr 07, 2018
Me when I see shrimp, steak, and shrimp or beef ramen out spicy ramen
                              Ok so it's me when I see food
JessicaSosa7 JessicaSosa7 Nov 12, 2017
You could name t yinagan (yin-ah-gan) since it still has the same aspect of yin and gan [GAN KEEPS AUTO CORRECTING TO FAN AND FAB 😂😂😂]
UnK0Wn_AimZ UnK0Wn_AimZ Jan 01, 2018
No wonder Kakashi called me his little wolf. 
                              And also sonce Im a werewolf
Lilylovesthislife Lilylovesthislife Mar 15, 2018
Naked sasuke Vs. fangirls who will win?
                              XD lmao I tried so hard to stop my self from laughong I failed!