Ships Happen - Zane~Chan

Ships Happen - Zane~Chan

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When a small baking disaster turns into something way more serious, Zane and Kawaii~Chan keep the secret of what happened that day. Aphmau and Katelyn, both, become suspicious and start making assumptions.

After days go by, Zane and Kawaii~Chan actually develop some sort of feelings for each other. Their very suspicious behavior causes shipping within the neighborhood.

(When this story was written I had very little experience in writing, so the story plot is just scrambled and the situations that take place are very exaggerated. Although I have improved in my writing, I am still learning, so do expect bad use of vocabulary and over-exaggerated situations throughout my other books.  Thanks for reading <333)

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Kawaii~Chan: -falls into Zane- Oops! Looks like I've fallen. . . In love with—
                              Zane: NO! NO! NOPE! NO! I DIDN'T COME PREPARED TO BECOME SUDDENLY ROMANTIC BECAUSE— Oh, me, too~
We you see Zane Kawaii-Chan is pink like pinky cake so Zane likes pinky cake more
“She’s happy, she always smiles, she loves sweets, and she’s very pink.”
They fell
                              In luuuvvv
                              Happy- Their in lovvvvee
                              Me- Aye.... cat?
                              Blaze- For the love of Irene
                              Me- Garroth..... don't cry sprinkles is in a better place now! Come on Blaze and I r gonna get cupcakes