Ships Happen - Zane~Chan

Ships Happen - Zane~Chan

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When a small baking disaster turns into something way more serious, Zane and Kawaii~Chan keep the secret of what happened that day. Aphmau and Katelyn, both, become suspicious and start making assumptions.

After days go by, Zane and Kawaii~Chan actually develop some sort of feelings for each other. Their very suspicious behavior causes shipping within the neighborhood.

(When this story was written I had very little experience in writing, so the story plot is just scrambled and the situations that take place are very exaggerated. Although I have improved in my writing, I am still learning, so do expect bad use of vocabulary and over-exaggerated situations throughout my other books.  Thanks for reading <333)

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i can already see the war between pinkiecake fans and flarety fans come in the comments.....
ToxicPhoenixFanfics ToxicPhoenixFanfics Oct 15, 2017
“She’s happy, she always smiles, she loves sweets, and she’s very pink.”
_MagesticBork_ _MagesticBork_ Sep 03, 2017
They fell
                              In luuuvvv
                              Happy- Their in lovvvvee
                              Me- Aye.... cat?
That_Enchantress That_Enchantress Sep 10, 2017
-PastelDonut- -PastelDonut- Dec 01, 2017
Hmmmm theres 24 hours in a day... and the setting seems to be around 12 afternoon or 1 and kawaii~chan would get tired at some point.. 1 × 12 batches of cookies = 12 cookies per hour :3 and a half
Shipper_stuff Shipper_stuff Dec 17, 2017
Why do so many Zane~Chan fanfics all ways start with cookies? IT'S ALWAYS THE COOKIES! 😂😂😂