Scott is a vampire in the 21st century. While it may be easy for others, he's a celebrity, and he wouldn't go unnoticed.

Getting blood is easy, until one day he doesn't get it.

*stares at pet rabbit*
                              I hope it was you! I would really be honored if a celebrity or Scott killed you. Isn't it nice?
                              Rabbit: She' crazy... Do I need to call 911 or the mental?
did he become Avi?
                              maybe he is actually a tenor but because he is a vampire it's always lower
I'm just gonna go right ahead and make this statement:
                              I love vampires. Like a lot. Like, ALOT a lot. A lot.
                              And I love PTX and scomiche... ALOT
                              And as I see what's happening here...
                              I kinda just:
                              *deep inhale*
Jazznat99 Jazznat99 Aug 26, 2016
This is such a cool concept! I really want to see what happens next.