What Am I To You?                             [ Jimin FF +17 ]

What Am I To You? [ Jimin FF +17 ]

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Jeon Jayeon By jeonjayeon Updated Nov 23

(y/n) and her boyfriend, Jimin, has been dating for 4 years. But one late night, her boyfriend called her to meet up. When they meet up, he told her a terrible thing which makes her felt like a knife stab through her heart...
      Later on that night, a bad, terrible accident happens which can cause a person's death or lost memories..
  That night, was the most regretted night  for the both of them...
  What will happen in the future? What will happen to them? 
  Who knows...

XanarXahir XanarXahir Nov 09
Nice for your first! ☺️👌
                              I'm starting to get hooked alraedy
XanarXahir XanarXahir Nov 09
Umm ok can I take back wat I said earlier? No oppa, I dont wanna BREAK UP! T.T
LadyKimTae LadyKimTae Aug 19
She was probably thinking about that song Amnesia. 
                              "I wish that I could wake up with amnesia. And forget about these stupid little things. Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you..." 
                              😐😒 I'm done being stupid now
sarangkor3a sarangkor3a Sep 12
I love you too but YOU WANTED TO BREAK UP WITH ME A FEW HOURS AGO! this is so cute I kinda forget what happened in chapter 1 lol
Pluviyo Pluviyo Oct 08
Why do I find my death so satisfying but I'm also afraid at the same time? I'm so messed up.
_Kim_Tae _Kim_Tae Oct 14
Oml! If I am the only one in his heart, then why did he break mine?