Yautja Love Story (Skyler X Skull)

Yautja Love Story (Skyler X Skull)

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Follow Skyler on her adventures on how she met the Yautja and how she fell in love with a certain badass one. Read to find out more.

I don't own Predator, Alien or Predator vs Alien. I wish I fucking did, that would be sweet! I do however own all my characters that I mention in the story. Anyways thank you for reading this and I'm sorry in advance if my grammar sucks ass. You guys can always comment and say what I need to fix and I will fix it, well I'm talking about the grammar. 

Mature Content ( if you couldn't tell )

  • alien
  • horror
  • predator
  • romance
  • yautja
AlexanderAlucard52 AlexanderAlucard52 Aug 09, 2016
To be honest with you I didn't notice. In my newer chapters it's just going to be Characters pov or 3rd person povs from now on. Thank you though for telling me this.
LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 Aug 08, 2016
How come it switched from Skyler this and Skyler that to you this and you that?