Mercy Cullen: The Other Cullen {Book 1}

Mercy Cullen: The Other Cullen {Book 1}

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When she was born, nobody could hear her heartbeat.
Her thoughts were blocked by a shield. 

Assumed to be dead, Mercy Elizabeth Cullen spent 1 1/2 days in a box underneath the earth until she learned to break free. Upon awakening Mercy discovers the forest around her, and even makes a not-so-human friend. She discovers her special ability.

Life isn't as it seems for Mercy when she witnesses Renesmee's growth, and with the threat of the Volturi, what will happen? What if Aro wants her?

This is the story of Mercy Elizabeth Cullen, Renesmee's twin sister.


Takes place at the end of "Breaking Dawn Part 1" and throughout  "Breaking Dawn Part 2"

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I will do as you ask if I catch an auto correct gone loco🐾
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I love how she immediately insults them just seconds after being born............I like her (≧∇≦)/
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You know what heart beats and idiots why don't ya know a name
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