Love Between Yanderes (Taro X Ayano X Budo)

Love Between Yanderes (Taro X Ayano X Budo)

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✎♡B O O P E R S♡✎ By Buyano Updated Sep 05

Love, such a beautiful thing... Love triangle.... so confusing...

Right in Akademi High, the private school, Taro finds out his feelings for Ayano. Budo has feelings for Ayano. Her world turns upside down... Welp, Ayano seems like she can't choose, what could she do?

Find out reading this story!

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Um I really am horrible with my stories but I really appreciate it if some people read my Ayano X Budo fanfic I beg u
I mean he is an upperclassmen so it makes sense he doesnt se her often and she has mad stalking skills so maybe thats why
SnowWolfiee SnowWolfiee May 09
I wanna be like Ayano when she wakes up in the morning. She grabs a hammer and hits the hardest she can to the alarm clock. 😂 
                              If only my mom wouldn't yell at me if I did that. 😆
                              And I'm guessing the Bread heating machine is a Toaster. 😛
Dude, chill. We wouldn't be here just to hate on you. I'm just here to fangirl at my ship.
Kurahana Kurahana Dec 27, 2016
To be honest, despite how cute (personally) it is that in the game that she loves Taro, I think it's a good thing she doesn't in the story at least. He treated her like sh*t in the game.
KooKoo_Kookie KooKoo_Kookie Nov 25, 2016
She had the energy to walk all the way to the kitchen and get a hammer but apparently not enough to get up and walk over a few feet to turn the clock off?!😂