The Lies... ( Draco Malfoy x Reader ) (Discontinued)

The Lies... ( Draco Malfoy x Reader ) (Discontinued)

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Kornkanok Aksornthai By SimmyLeCoconut Completed

[ Y/N ] [ L/N ]-Riddle, a bright young witch, an heir to Voldemort and the Royal Family. Throwout her years at Hogwarts, school of Witches and Wizards, she makes quite lots of friends, including the Golden Trio. 
The princess soon meets a young boy, blonde hair and grey eyes with an icy stare. 
What will happened when they start to get closer. 
Will they stay as friends or will their friendship bring something new?
Maybe... Love?


{ A/N } Hey guys! I hope y'all enjoy my first; x Reader, book! I am absolutely in love with Harry Potter series & I thought; Why not make a Fanfic about it. Also, when I was a little girl. My character crush in the series was the one, the only... Draco Malfoy & too be honest, he is quite a good looking person. Okay now! I'll leave you guys here. ENJOY THE BOOK! 

P.S  : This book will be more modern type. It will contain clothing of out time.

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Zer0S0uls Zer0S0uls Mar 17, 2017
omg they look so young... my senpai was this adorable bean!?
mvargas101 mvargas101 Jan 10, 2017
THEY'RE SO YOUNG!!!! I feel like a grandmother seeing my kids' past pictures
Asianesee Asianesee Dec 08, 2016
Did anyone else notice that it looks like Ron doesn't have any eyebrows?
Erinthecoolcat890 Erinthecoolcat890 Nov 24, 2016
Last one I promise you will love it! (Compared this one to the last is like comparing royalty to slaves this is so much better!) @LynleyEdwards2