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Warmth ~KuroKen~

Warmth ~KuroKen~

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Amelia By Millikun Updated Jun 04

One afternoon, Kenma, a fragile, shy child is walking home from school. When suddenly, he gets hit in the face with a ball, causing him to stumble and fall face first into a tree. 
  This is how Kuroo and Kenma first meet.
  Kenma is currently getting bullied, as he as been for most of his life, but its getting to a point where he can't take it anymore.
  The only light in his life at the moment is his cat, Misty, and best and only friend, Kuroo.
  Kuroo doesn't know what Kenma's really going through, how much hes suffering. Until one day, Kenma has a small breakdown and tells him all about it, about the bullies and his home life. 
  But, fortunately, as Kenma gets older, things get brighter and brighter.
  So bright its hot
  Its not the unpleasant heat
  Its more like...
  Side note and some infomation, in the beginning , Kuroo is 14 and Kenma is 13. They will get older & older until they're, their current ages in Haikyuu, Kenma 17, and Kuroo 18.
  Thank you for reading.
  Also, this may contain a small amount of crappy angst (because I'm a beginner at writing) and some swear words. 
  You have been warned :>

Rainbow__Otaku Rainbow__Otaku Aug 08, 2016
1 actually adorable omg my heart ahhhHHHHH 2 animal crossing, nice choice of game 😂
yachidork yachidork Aug 08, 2016
so cute like i cant even! im am so unable to even right now i phisically cant even