The Badboy Saw Me Naked

The Badboy Saw Me Naked

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lxl.amxry By xXfeverishXx Updated Jan 28, 2017

Trish is your average highschool student. She gets into trouble, she has friends, she's had boyfriends, she has both good and bad grades, she has the looks and her parents have money. 

Alec is your typical highschool badboy. Certain group of bad friends, bad grades, always in trouble, doesn't give a care in the world, never let's anyone step all over him, rich family.

One afternoon, Alec bumps into Trish in the wrong place, at the wrong time. 

What happens after their little accident?

Will Trish live the rest of her life miserably or will she live it Happily... Ever... After?

Come along with Trish, Alec and their friends to experience their fun times together and their ups and downs. Especially with jealous, hormonal teenagers trying to ruin everything.

This is no princess fairytale, but it is a love story.

~Will update when I can. Since I will have school, I wouldn't be able to update often, especially when I have grades that need improving. But I'll try my best.~

Editing is being done immediately after every single chapter before being published. But I will still have to edit again after the entire story.

If there are any errors that need fixing, even in the slightest, please don't hesitate in saying so.

❤Happy Reading❤


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