Book of Sanscest Lemons

Book of Sanscest Lemons

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Dark_Sketches By Dark_Sketches Updated Nov 02

Hope y'all like some bones with your glowing lemonade! 
              - Author~Senpai 

Welcome to the bonezone jerks!!!!!!

#Welcometohell #Saveus #Nevermind #Wearedirtysinisters #ONTOTHELEMONS

Can you do Nightmare sans x Dream sans? 
                              Or maybe outertale sans x sic sans
Me: why so ruff today
                              Toby fox: what have my fans, CREATED???
                              Me and ink: AYYYYY
Me: I don't mind seeing u guys for a round 2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              Ink: *cringe*
OMFG BEST SEXUAL, HORRIBLE PUN I'V HERD TODAY (also the like ONLY one I gave herd)
RoxanneUT11 RoxanneUT11 Jul 21
Mmm can you make a Error X Ink and Fresh X Ink? Okie I'll staph
Me: It was beautiful
                              Blueberry: *bows down to u*Ā idaina shukka masutā
                              Blueberry: um
                              Secho and katana: chat*