weak ≫ apocalypse!malum

weak ≫ apocalypse!malum

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bea/kourt By maorigod Updated Sep 25

"i don't even know how you managed to survive all this time, you're fucking weak."

in a blink of an eye michael had pulled out his knife and was pressing it against calum's throat. "call me weak one more fucking time, i dare you."

(warnings: violent and probably smut)

LASHTON YES (what am I doing I don't even ship the boys together. SO MUCH CONFUSION IN MY BRAIN)
_mikachu_ _mikachu_ Oct 26
gotta go through a good through million fan girls to do that
At least someone wants Michael there *rolls eyes at Calum's stubbornness*
fukclifford fukclifford Aug 09
all around me are familiar faces. worn out places. worn out faces.
And I forget things easily. I hope I never have to be in a zombie apocalypse because I'll probably die in the first five minutes