Her Deliverance (vol. 2)

Her Deliverance (vol. 2)

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k e l s By kelseyrae21 Updated Nov 11, 2017

* * Sequel to His Hostage: Don't read if you haven't read book 1! * *

Now that Zayn's locked up and the media is dying down, Emmeline and Harry are given a fresh new start. With both attending the same college and the new friendship and growing romance between the two, it seems like everything is finally falling into place. 

But nothing comes easy. 

Things might seem perfect, but they're actually far from it. The kidnapping had an affect on Emmeline more then she's willing to admit to herself, and she's- traumatized. She's struggling to get past what happened and Harry is also facing his own demons. He's got a secret of his own and he's unable to stop blaming himself when he sees how much his choices had left Emmeline scarred. He can't take back what he did or what he said to her but he's willing to try and help her get through it, hoping to not only heal her but himself as well. Yet he's thrown through a loop and more stress is added to his plate when shitty parents try to pry through his and Emmeline's life. Oh, and it only gets worse when an old best friend comes back into Em's life, making it clear to Harry that he wants her and is willing to fight him to the brink if it means gaining her affection.

Nothing about their relationship has ever been simple but they survived a hostage situation and near death experience. Surely they can handle a few more bumps along the way before they get their happy ending...


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basicooliayah basicooliayah Apr 15, 2017
Reading this right after I finished the first book because I can't wait
rockmehareh rockmehareh Feb 07, 2017
Just finished His Hostage in like two days and I can't wait to start Her Deliverance, so excited, I love ur books so, so much.
milou_pl milou_pl Jul 19, 2016
I swear I'm perfectly calm inside and am not trying to hold back a scream. HELL F*CKING YES THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT, BRING IT ON
kmk0410 kmk0410 Nov 15, 2016
My only request is that you finish this book and don't stop writing it.  I cried on the last book, and I don't want to cry because of you not finishing this one.   I have a feeling this will be good!
Chimonie_95 Chimonie_95 Jul 14, 2016
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😄 I'm so excited for this 😉
SparklesEverywheeere SparklesEverywheeere Jul 28, 2016
I finished the first book in like 2 days and I'm so excited for this sequel!