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Elyse Cass Hamilton By The-Dark-Mistress Completed

A new marriage law. 

A jealous ex lover. 

Only one man is good enough for Hermione. 

Will he accept her? Or turn her down cold?

Note: I am rating this mature. But only for language. I suck a smut. So I'm not going there. But there's a lot of fluff and cuteness. Read the wedding SOOOOO CUTE!

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UncreativeName42 UncreativeName42 Apr 06, 2017
I think Snape, Hermione and I would all get along swell! We all love the same past time! BOOKS!!!
UncreativeName42 UncreativeName42 Apr 06, 2017
I'LL LOVE YOU FOR A THOUSAND MOOOOOORRRRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Sorry. Music nerd, right here!
-Hermione_Snape -Hermione_Snape May 16, 2017
Who would have thought Molly and Arthur would be Minister of Magic and wife of Minister of Magic.
TraceyYoung4 TraceyYoung4 Nov 03, 2017
In my opinion, Romeo and Juliet is the worst thing to read in school. It’s hyped as a great love story, but really, it’s two spoiled brats being told ‘no’ and they have a tantrum that ends badly for them.
heyimbandtrash heyimbandtrash Jul 14, 2016
We shippers have the strangest ideas… I mean why in the world we would ship a young girl with an old man I haven't a clue. But I love it!
VivienWolf VivienWolf Nov 30, 2016
I very much like this story and I don't mean to be rude but your sentience structure can make it hard to read now and then, other than that I do like it quite a bit.