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Dad By breakyourarm Completed

(Josh Dun/Tyler Joseph)

Living in France with your best friend can always be an awesome thing to experience, but it has it's downsides. A few examples being not being able to see your family, friends, or the fact that your soul mate lives back home in the US. And that you're completely unaware of that. 

Luckily for Tyler, things will twist his way. I mean, everybody finds their soulmate. 

All it takes is one touch to know. 

(Soulmate AU.)


July 13, 2016 - July 21, 2016

skoopyjim skoopyjim Jun 27
sir, sir, excuse me? 
                              oh um yes? what do you need?
                              do you know what color this flower is? it's for my mother. 
                              yes, it's red. 
                              thanks sir, my mom loves this flower bye.
Everybody is like oh my gosh I can read this! And I'm like what the fuckkkk
why can I understand this. what. all I know in French is how to say "hi I'm Tahliya"
What happens if you accidentally touch hands and you don't know who you touched the hands of
Horngeek257 Horngeek257 Jul 14
Thank you for translating because I can't even read a shampoo bottle with a French name
Sabzouka_ Sabzouka_ May 31
I did french for 3 years of my school life and i hated it and on my end of year test i scored 40% and only know how to say je mapple Sabriel yet i somehow understood this???