homophobic ; jikook

homophobic ; jikook

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jikook_smut By jikook_smut Updated Apr 14, 2017

❝  i am not gay! ❞
in which jimin meets a homophobic man named jungkook at a bar and ends up falling in love with him.

》rated r《
read at own risk!
sexual content
insults towards gays

start date: 7/13/16
end date: ¿

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AlexWwhAt AlexWwhAt Dec 10, 2017
Oh you hate yourself ? You shouldn't, you should love yourself
anemotionaltimebomb anemotionaltimebomb Jul 02, 2017
*looks down at current vote count on this chapter and nods head in approval*
This is too good. I’m so sorry if I’m flooding your account with comment notifications but this story is just hilarious. Thank you for making this.
chrryjimin chrryjimin Jul 13, 2016
I'm excited 😇🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 but who is top/bottom? Jut curious