Make A Wish On A Shooting Star (Amour)

Make A Wish On A Shooting Star (Amour)

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XxWhiteYvonnexX By XxWhiteYvonnexX Updated Feb 10

This story will be written by XxRyanYvonnexX and I.

We will switch every chapter, so I hope you enjoy ^_^

People would bully him and mock him for not having a girlfriend.

Ash wanted one, but was too timid to make a move.

But then..

One day, he made a wish on a star 

And for 40 days things will never be the same

stargirl25137 stargirl25137 Nov 23, 2016
They are just haters and guess what in the future u are going to be famous and they are going to be the ones that are going to have a sad life
FurryCyclone FurryCyclone Dec 21, 2016
"and that is how I met your mother"
                              I felt like it needed to be said xD
vuminh77 vuminh77 Jan 01
Me: I wish to have a girlfriend
                              Serena: *pop up and say whatever she said with Ash*
                              Me: Yaassssss
Conor117 Conor117 Jul 13, 2016
I've been eager to see a collab. I've also been eager to see how good Ryan is at amourshipping stories to. Now we get the best of both worlds from White and Ryan. This story is sure to be an amourshipping story of epic proportions. Nice jon you two.
HeinrichHeinefan HeinrichHeinefan Aug 06, 2016
I am so lonely, so lonely ... Also story of my life and I am 17!
XxSerenaToukoxX XxSerenaToukoxX Jul 19, 2016