Make A Wish On A Shooting Star (Amour)

Make A Wish On A Shooting Star (Amour)

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XxWhiteYvonnexX By XxWhiteYvonnexX Completed

This story will be written by XxRyanYvonnexX and I.

We will switch every chapter, so I hope you enjoy ^_^

People would bully him and mock him for not having a girlfriend.

Ash wanted one, but was too timid to make a move.

But then..

One day, he made a wish on a star 

And for 40 days things will never be the same

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  • serenaxash awesome! Wait does that mean Serena's is an actual star
diesaz diesaz May 04
*listening to the song all by myself*
                              Me: T_T ALL BY MYSELFFFF!! I DONT WANNA BE! ALL BY MYSELF!!
wait wth... WTH? This is brokeeen but still XD nice job White and Ryan. 
                              P.S The Dare Show book is SOOOO funny you should publish some more of those
SpaceCatX3 SpaceCatX3 Feb 28
Welcome to Fossil Ridge or as we call it Fossil Cringed, now go die!
SpaceCatX3 SpaceCatX3 Feb 28
At least pity exists, but it still hurts my heart, what is this the cave of mirrors?
SpaceCatX3 SpaceCatX3 Feb 28
H: I'll always have sherbet!
                              *sherbet died of food poisoning*
                              H: Nvm then! Carry on