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I Am Not Your Sidekick

I Am Not Your Sidekick

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Gh0stwr1t3r By Gh0stwr1t3r Updated Jan 29

Percy jackson is the son of Poseidon. Poseidon is the god of the ocean, so that basically means that he can controll anything and everything in the ocean. He can also cause hurricanes and he is the creator of horses. Percy can't remember a time when he didn't live with his father. Sure, his mother -Sally Jackson- is still alive, but she has her own life. Percy visits whenever he just needs to stretch his legs on land.

After seventeen years, it's finally time for Percy to make a living on the suface, but the villains and the heroes have heard of his powers and from what was once just child's play to get to each other soon turned into a full out war between the good guys and the bad guys.

And what are they fighting about?

Percy of course. Percy who doesn't see why he needs to choose. 

Kidnappings will take place and browny points will be scored, but will Percy become a villain or a hero?

Or maybe neither.

At the end, it's his choice.

MTheMarshmallow MTheMarshmallow 5 days ago
And they can also scare the living schist outta you, them teenagers.
"Some people call it hydrokenesis, I call it genges." pleeeeaaaase let me use this in my story it's priceless! :D Please? You will get credit. I swear it on the Styxe. :)
percy_5sos percy_5sos Dec 14, 2016
I hade this friend who pronounces it a-pollo he does say it right and it's hilarious he say the pollo part as you would say Marco Pollo's last name Pollo
I wana be tuning around on the what do you call them?....feet!!
CrystalPrettyGem CrystalPrettyGem Dec 29, 2016
I won't tell gruncle Fishy. My lips are sealed. * mischievous grin*
Mollydog13 Mollydog13 Feb 05
Mendel? Is that your father? Hehe get cause Mendel is the father of genetics. I'm a nerd.