Cause Trouble In Me - Septiplier

Cause Trouble In Me - Septiplier

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iris By pettymin- Completed

Even the best of friends can fall in love...
Mark always started the trouble and Jack would follow. They both got along so well doing whatever they felt like. Jack always felt protected with Mark, as Mark knew he would keep Jack safe. Nothing could cause them to break.

Until both Mark and Jack start feeling different together.

Will both be able to handle all the trouble that will happen within them?

Zer0Skully Zer0Skully Apr 16
Idk why am i reading this,i like Jelix alot more now.But story seems so purfect.So i gotta just...
Man I remember when I rolled my ankle in gymnastics! I did the thing perfectly and when I got off and started to walk I fell! Ugh stupid ankle!!
Was this originally made on Quote by any chance? Because I believe I read it there.
anaddictwithaphan anaddictwithaphan Nov 20, 2016
Am I the only one who's sensing the Your lie in April vibes here?
XxViking_PrincessxX XxViking_PrincessxX Dec 15, 2016
I'm trying not to squeal in the middle of this persons presentation!! Eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh
MrButter56 MrButter56 Dec 20, 2016
i love if you read these comments and when they where uploaded all the pokemon go related ones where when it was still relivant and then closer to oct and dec they just die down to other msgs