Uncover {Carlos De vil}

Uncover {Carlos De vil}

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that_girl_404 By that_girl_404 Updated Jul 19, 2016

"Why do you hide?"I asked as she looks at me then the flower in her hand."I don't hide"She said."Then why dose every time We bring people to you,you're no where to be seen?"She looks up with a smile on her face.

"Because they don't see me,I'm uncover to the world,only the bravest hearts can see me"She said picking up another flower."So only mal,Evie,Jay and I can see you,wait Ben helped too,how come he can't see you?"I asked.

"King Ben is brave on the outside,he has his flaws on the inside,he has a heart of gold,but he is scared to show"She said moving around."What do you mean?"I asked as she touched a tree branch and helped it heal.

"His heart is not fully uncover,he hides his feelings,he is scared of being the king"She said."What about me,I'm not brave,how come I can see you?"I asked as she turned around and walked over,she put her hand on my chest.

"You are afraid to let the people you Love down,you fear you're friends dying, you saw it in a dream when you were nine,You fear me dying or going away, you're heart is pure gold,that's why you can see me"She said stepping away.

Then she disappeared with the wind and flowers.

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Brooklyn_DeVil Brooklyn_DeVil Dec 14, 2017
I'm Only Human..
                              I'm Only Human..
                              Just a Little Human!!
LuxBellona LuxBellona Aug 06, 2017
                              JUST A LITTLE BIT'S ENOUGH
                              JUST A SECOND
                              WE'RE NOT BROKEN JUST BENT
                              AND WE CAN LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN
Brooklyn_DeVil Brooklyn_DeVil Oct 30, 2017
I listen to this song when I'm sad, it calms me down and helps me sleep, so I can dream about NeverLand
hufflepuffle81 hufflepuffle81 Jul 30, 2017
I love it. Drama is my life. My friends nicknamed me drama queen