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Parker Works ↠ Graphics Shoppe

Parker Works ↠ Graphics Shoppe

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↠sir parking lot↞ By missingcapes Updated Dec 29, 2016

Hello! I'm Parker, and I seem to have a knack for creating covers and other edits. Come here to request and ask for my service~

Rising_DarkPrincess Rising_DarkPrincess Nov 27, 2016
                              title: force her
                              summary: later
                              genre: romance
                              type: anime
                              subtitles: why cant i resist?
                              colours: like the premade i got.
                              you already know what is it thanks!
mysterico mysterico Sep 26, 2016
                              Title: Mysterical FT Headcannons
                              Summary: A collection of mysterical Fairy Tail headcannons by yours truly~!
                              Author: mysterico_books
                              Genre: Random/Humor
                              Type: Ummm, n/a?
                              Subtitles: n/a
                              Colors: anything you'd like, though I'd like it to be colorful please!
                              Emotion: Happy and cheerful
beanpaii beanpaii Jul 23, 2016
looking at reqing soon but can't yet bcos of lazy sloot syndrome (lss)
nakajaiima nakajaiima Nov 06, 2016
icon mah dearrrrr
                              NAME/ (none)
                              CHARACTER/ inoo kei from hey! say! jump
                              COLOUR/ anything pastel/ matches the pic
                              MOOD/ CUTE I NEED MORE INOO KEI IN THIS WORLD AN--
                              ANYTHING ELSE/ maybe add some v cute designs ohoho
EIIie-Chan EIIie-Chan Oct 27, 2016
Aww, I was looking at your work too. You were the best one I found... 😔😪
                              Will it be closed forever? Or temporarily? (I mean, for 'forever' a long time, as in months)
whitecandles whitecandles Sep 10, 2016
Pfp request? Finally deciding to stop procrastinating xD 
                              Cast: Margot Robbie (not Harley Quinn)
                              Theme/colors: Tumblr style?
                              Mood: like my current icon? Idk
                              Thx Parker!