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❝ sєcσnd chαncєs ❞ || яιяєи ||

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daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By attack_on_ghouls Updated Mar 10

Sequel to: The Difference Between You and I. 

           * * * * 

University was going inadequately for twenty one year-old Eren Yeager. He'd moved to England three years prior - a year of which was partially hell while the other two weren't much better. He knew that moving to England meant he'd never be able to attend his dream collage, which upset him greatly, but after attempting two painful years at Oxford University, he came to conclusion that he'd only be truly happy at Shiganshina Collage in the United States of America. 

Fortunately, he got his hands on a acceptance letter to Shiganshina; he was over the moon. But, little did he know that moving to America would lead to him meeting a certain raven-haired punk again - oh, and his two year-old son, Farlan.   

          * * * * 

Genderqueer Eren x Punk / now father Levi. You

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i legit started to cry on the other one and if i cry on this one-
                              you're a very good author
Oh lord thank you. That other book made my heart way to weak😂😭
Idk if I'm ready or not
                              I bought some more tables just in case
kanye_east kanye_east Jul 19, 2016
I was going through my notifications and i saw this and it took me a full 3 seconds to realize it was an update and i acTUALLY SQUEALED. A LITERAL SQUEAL CAME FROM MY MOUTH IM
Why the frick u lying 
                              Why u always lying
                              Mmmm omg stop fricken lying
- - Jul 24, 2016
OMGGG WHY IS THIS ONLY TWO CHAPTERS???? *dies of depression*