Outlander (outlander Series Fanfic )

Outlander (outlander Series Fanfic )

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Diana is Claire's long lost younger sister who is a skilled and experienced fighter . After a very long time Diana gets a clue to Claire's whereabouts following the path that Claire has before she goes back in time to a land covered in green and unfortunately blood of the innocent

"He was the one that attacked first aiming for my stomach. I dodged it and from there everything felt like it was in slow motion. The sounds were muffled as we danced to the sound of nothingness. It was only him and me and our swords clashing against each other. From my point of view it looked magical. 

I blocked his sword as it came down on me. Twisting around like in a dance I let my body and reflexes do their thing. Gracefully I bowed down cutting his stomach. His eyes showed that he was in pain but he didn't fall he continued on fighting holding onto his guts. They were literally about to fall out... No joke. I least expected his sword to graze my face but it did leaving a little scratch like cut on my right cheek. "

Some of characters don't belong to me.

sbookaddict sbookaddict Jul 27, 2016
Thanks @jnternetinfluencer for your support I'll be updating today :)
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Your  story is fantastic   I can't understand  why  you don't have Mord Readers....
Jaina_Matwalk Jaina_Matwalk Aug 18, 2016
I have  to say that is a really good beginning....And I am very happy  I found this Story...
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@Spottoelpel533 thanks (: I love outlander and love writing this book (:
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I can't wait to read more! I know it's hard when only a few people read your story, but please go on. I have a feeling that next chapter will be truly great so yeah, good job!