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park bench » vkook

park bench » vkook

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bananal By honeyoon Completed

❝I wonder if you are like me?
Unable to speak and only to see;
afraid and nervous, in awe.
You have made my heart thaw. 
I think of plans to speak to you,
but quietly admiring is all I can do.❞

⤷in which a boy has a crush on a stranger and leaves him little poems. 
[vkook au]
(#493 in short story 2/24/17)

YouAintHaveJams YouAintHaveJams Nov 02, 2016
Just wanted to say that one of the reasons I read this book is bc the book's title is Jimin's cousin 😂😂✌🏻️
IzTaex IzTaex 4 days ago
I wouldn't leave him poems and either: faint; run; grab him and shake him telling him I love him
peachyprincess-jpg peachyprincess-jpg Aug 09, 2016
                              Idk what else to say
                              This book is just great
                              I'm so awkward, I'm sorry 
                              (I'm sorry for being late to reading your updates recently. I don't know why I'm apologizing, but I feel the need to.) 
                              I hope you have a lovely day/night, man.
parkxtuan parkxtuan Dec 08, 2016
I always have to keep reminding myself that this is Jungkook, i saw him as Taehyung from the start of the chapter ><
LostKid_ LostKid_ 2 days ago
I bet his hair is going to be gone in 0.00000001 miliseconds bc hair burns fast boi
peachyprincess-jpg peachyprincess-jpg Aug 08, 2016
I can already tell this book is going to be great. I'm excited to read it ^_^