Umbrella [Jikook]

Umbrella [Jikook]

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MissManagerK By MissManagerK Completed

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"Here you go..." The boy with the bunny smile said to other who was dripping wet. 

Those words by Jeon Jungkook changed the life of Park Jimin. With one umbrella and dripping wet hair, their hearts move closer to gain each other's warmth.

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Umbrella [Jikook] by MissManagerK

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Babychimchimi Babychimchimi 6 days ago
OMG.... U cannot be more gay than this kookie 😂😂
                              Yet u still have to make a long drama with jiminie for several chapters ahead
I admire how much effort you put in here - Normally authors don't put these kind of things up, but the fact that you HAVE, shows your hard work, I love it. <3
Kpop_Is_My_Lifeu__ Kpop_Is_My_Lifeu__ 14 hours ago
Not if she "accidentally" Gets ran over by a monster truck......
JungYoonseok_ JungYoonseok_ 4 days ago
Ich werde jeden zweiten Absatz auf Deutsch kommentieren, um Leute zu nerven.
JiminnieeCutiee JiminnieeCutiee Dec 25, 2017
Whayy sooou seriousssssss *add taes voice here*😂😂😂 nice introduction😄👍
nochuminmin nochuminmin 2 days ago
Lesson learned: never bring an umbrella cuz some oppa might share their umbrella wid you