The Bad Couple

The Bad Couple

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Mariah (Riah) Lee By llmariahleell Completed

"Who the hell is that?" I ask nobody in particular. The rest of the boys look where my focus is.

One chuckles. "Oh, that's the new girl. She got expelled from her last school for setting a teacher on fire with her cig."

Oh, so she's a bad girl. 

She walks with purpose, her head held high and her back straight. 

Yup, she's a baddie all right.

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WhhhaaaTT WhhhaaaTT Apr 06
Okay I hate guys sometimes. Like I understand you don’t wanna be tied down cause I’m like that to I believe nothing last forever and we are in high school so why not have fun right, but there is a time where you have to stop being a walking std and go to the doctor you know what I mean
PerfectAndyLover PerfectAndyLover 13 hours ago
Ok so I do this thing where I skip ahead to see if it’s worth reading, like I’ll do a lil skip Yanno do a lil read and if it’s interesting then boom life and well.. what he said...🤨😑
What in the fresh hell are these names and why to I fake way like them?
Ok I know someone named Zosia and she is like the nicest person ever. It’s hard to believe that the Zosia in the book is a bad girl😂
i've already dated the bad boy/'player' of our school - twice, lmao. it's honestly nothing like in the books, except he broke a guy's jaw for insulting me and making me lose a guy friend because he called me his girl. i think it's safe to say that dating the bad boy is seriously overhyped lol
I bet he's literally one of those guys with a sign stapled to his head saying 'free STD's'