The Bad Couple

The Bad Couple

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Mariah (Riah) Lee By llmariahleell Completed

"Who the hell is that?" I ask nobody in particular. The rest of the boys look where my focus is.

One chuckles. "Oh, that's the new girl. She got expelled from her last school for setting a teacher on fire with her cig."

Oh, so she's a bad girl. 

She walks with purpose, her head held high and her back straight. 

Yup, she's a baddie all right.

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enderliving enderliving Jan 18
A makeup bag with a zipper I guess? Bad choice. Always use ziploc or vacuum bags (Tupperware does the job too) or you'll be busted in no time. Carry drugs responsibly kids!
Suzie_x_x Suzie_x_x 4 days ago
Omg tell me why that reminds me of papi ricco also know as last man lol
castieldark castieldark Feb 20
5”2 with some attitude honestly I think it’s kind of cute last seen in a little black dress watch out for them eyes cause she’s armed and dangerous like pow give me that one shot
FoamingSoap FoamingSoap Mar 01
And I'm Donald Trump. Get over yourself and stop being a fücking baby.
dreamcloud1221 dreamcloud1221 3 days ago
Love the book. Not a fan of the ‘Beers’ but still love the book