Where the Ghosts Lie

Where the Ghosts Lie

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WendyGreene11 By WendyGreene11 Completed

Nolan Clay was convicted of murder and dishonorably discharged from his marksman position in the Navy SEALs all in one night...for a crime he didn't commit. After spending ten years in prison, all Nolan wants to do is live a quiet life in the mountains of Colorado. 

However, when Nolan is called upon by the Central Intelligence Agency to investigate rumors of terrorist activity, what he uncovers is more than he ever bargained for.

Old enemies are planning to disrupt the way society functions and have created a system that seems unbreakable.

Nolan must decide between two things: Walk away from the chaos as a condemned man, or save it from itself.

 This is a serial story and I post every Wednesday! It will not include any language or inappropriate scenes, but there is violence. Thank you so much for reading! ^_^

  • action
  • adventure
  • cia
  • espionage
  • military
  • thriller
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SMMetzler SMMetzler Jul 09, 2017
I AM CAPTIVATED. What an awesome first chapter! I love the character and the writing style.
northerrnlights_ northerrnlights_ Jul 18, 2017
Would you like to enter our awards? It'd be great if you did.
WendyGreene11 WendyGreene11 Jul 13, 2016
*screams with you*
                              THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR!!!
                              Yeeeaaahh, hopefully Nolan has learned a lesson. *tsk tsk*
devinjacob devinjacob Jan 04, 2017
If he were military he'd more than likely say "air support" not "air team" 
                              I only know this because I have friends who play Call of Duty 😂 and a few buddies who are ROTC.
TurquoiseScribe TurquoiseScribe Jul 13, 2016
*incoherent screaming*
                              Oh my gosh. 😱😱😱 ACKPTH WENDY FOR WHY CLIFFHANGER I NEED MORE.
                              This was really, really awesome, Wendy. o.o It was intense and wahhh I really enjoyed. :3 I'm excited for the next chapter. :3 Nolan seems like a cool guy, with a bit of rebel-streak in him. ;)
devinjacob devinjacob Jan 04, 2017
Maybe make this an internal thought and out it in italics. Please live or don't die, would make it more personal. You've already done all the hard work so we'll know he's talking about his team.