The Mafia's Capo And His Arranged Wife

The Mafia's Capo And His Arranged Wife

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[Trigger Warning]: 

•Sexual Content
•Drug Abuse

Recommend for +18

❝Who the f*ck do you think you're playing fire with De Luca,❞ Evelyn sneers at the thick-headed man who she wouldn't consider in the slightest to be a real man. He merely accomplished the role of being a snarky, defiant self-absorbed asshole that required to receive a taste of his own bitter medicine.

Leaning in closer till he reached Evelyn's left ear, Nikolaus proceeds to nibble tenderly on her earlobe as he whispers huskily, ❝you've got fire, and I must admit... I like fire.❞

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Isabel_R_Buell Isabel_R_Buell Jul 28, 2016
Wasn't she just attracted to this fellow? Now he's weird to her?
Horses328 Horses328 Aug 05, 2016
I really like where this story is going!! I can't wait to read more!! I had to read it twice!! Awesome job!! 10/10
ArabiaJ ArabiaJ Jul 31, 2016
I'm honestly not a fan of the male lead. he's just not the type of character I find appealing. The plot line is developing a lot more in this chapter and its better written than the prologue. Good job!
lastjanuary lastjanuary Aug 04, 2016
This is a very interesting read, but the characters feel a little weird. She Especially Nicholas, he's too blunt to be real. Regardless, your descriptions are on point!
I can't see the chapters anymore. So i deleted the book and followed author then re-added the book but still no chapters are showing up. :)
Isabel_R_Buell Isabel_R_Buell Jul 28, 2016
If someone talked to me that way, I swear I would castrate him before anything else lol