Supernatural Smut Oneshots

Supernatural Smut Oneshots

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⍟ lily ⍟ By ghostcastiel Updated Oct 06, 2016

It's self explanatory. Destiel, Sabriel, Wincest, Cas, Dean, Sam, Crowley, whoever or whatever you want~

I take requests, so enjoy pervs!

cover- @hopeisnotcool

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LadaTheLeo LadaTheLeo Dec 09, 2017
                              Chuck literally DATED Becky who wrote gay incest fanfic about the Winchesters..
                              although there's literally nothing wrong with being gay honestly you do you boo boo but like incest is ewwy 
                              sorry don't @ me 
                              UH anyways I think you'll be fine XD
smooth_motherfuckers smooth_motherfuckers Sep 02, 2017
Why does he wear so much clootthhhesssss wear lesssssssss or nothing works to
castified castified Sep 14, 2017
I probably already have a room down there, Crowley's just waiting for me to move in...
pyromancer1112 pyromancer1112 Oct 05, 2016
When you for some weird reason start mentally singing a BOTDF song.