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The Ulti-Mage's Charm(Fairy Tail X Reader)

The Ulti-Mage's Charm(Fairy Tail X Reader)

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Bloody Knifeu By LuvsitGirl Updated Mar 11

(Y/N) is a Mage that can use any kind of magic. She has a celestial spirit form. She has a very rare magic, that came from her mother, Marianne. It's called 'Form to Form Magic'. That magic is something that unlocks when she joins Fairy Tail, well the Fairy Form does. She joined Fairy Tail, because her friend, Mavis, and dragon father, Acnolgia, told her to. But what happens when the men, and some women, take a liking to her? Will she choose someone? I have no idea I just go with the flow. I love Fairy Tail. I dont own Fairy Tail. All credits go to me and Hiroshima.

I can only play a piano, guitar, violin, and orcarina. It isn't much but umm yeah...
Hmm speaking of dolls, to my left I have 5 dolls that watch me sleep
I'm ok with a big bust but just make it size of um maybe juvia or lisanna or erza?
Acnolgia is funny for a dragon that almost kills everyone on Tenrou Island 😂😂😂
Spaimond Spaimond Dec 15, 2016
                              Arctic fox
                              White hair/Long
                              Crystal blue eyes
                              (U/E/C) Dark Purple
                              (U/H/C) Black with electric blue tips
                              Create attack-?
                              Celestial Form- Gold hair with Galaxy shirt and leggings with teal eyes.
                              Crescent moon with a star intercepting
                              Below my left eye
Leviisbadass12e3 Leviisbadass12e3 Nov 20, 2016
W͎h͎o͎ p͎l͎a͎y͎s͎ t͎h͎e͎ f͎l͎u͎t͎e͎ l͎i͎k͎e͎ m͎e͎