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Frank hates Gerard 
Gerard hates Frank 

It's always been that way, but after his graduation, Gerard doesn't have to see his bully ever again. 
Or so he thought 

Ray knows Gerard 
Pete knows Frank 

And both of them want to help their friends out of their single lives by setting up a blind date, not knowing about the past experience they had with each other. 

Gerard wants peace
Frank wants fun

And one of them will get what he wants 

Warnings: smut, bad language, bullying, alcohol abuse

  • boyxboy
  • fankiero
  • frerard
  • gerardway
  • petewentz
  • raytoror
  • romance
_Gnoted_ _Gnoted_ May 01
Heard you say Not today Tore the curtains down Windows open now make a sound Heard your voice There's no choice Tore the curtains down Windows open now make a noise.
I thought it was going to be 12 years ago when we still had hearts
Me too, happened so many times man. One time I got dizzy and went to the bathroom and one of my classmates were in there, she asked if I was okay and got me some juice to hold me over until the end of the day. Then my mom picked me up and got me some food and I felt better.
Oh sorry I got used to thinking like that about my own family
idekbutfrerard idekbutfrerard Oct 01, 2017
My mind legitimately went to "my friend fûck" instead of frank wtf is wrong with me?😂
WHY'D U LEAVE UR KEYS UP ON THE TABLE (system of a down reference right there)c