Saved By Mr Billionaire [ON-HOLD]

Saved By Mr Billionaire [ON-HOLD]

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... By shamsi10 Updated Jun 25, 2017

He asked, his voice almost raising. "Are you crazy or something, why did you just jumped into the water? Do you even-" before he could continue, she cuts him off.
        "Why? Why do you always save me, when I rather prefer to die," she struggled but manages to say.
         He looked at her for a moment, trying to read her "Why are you always giving up on your life? What is wrong with you? You know, there are more things ahead in life. Suicide is not the only solution to get rid of your problems," his features soften. 
        When she doesn't reply he says, "What's bothering you? You can tell me," he said reaching for her hand.

     Alice Devlin is a sweet innocent girl. She is disturbed. Let's just say her life is not on track. Surrounded by her dark past which she thought she left behind and with a hole in her heart she don't have many days to live, she just don't want to live her life anymore. She also don't want anyone to be close to her. And let's say she is so stubborn. 
     She decided to attempt to suicide one day and guess who saved her life? 

Gary Matthew.
       Gary Matthew. Definition of perfection. Hotter than a fire. Everything he had, that a girl wanted in her prince charming. He was the dream of every girl. He was also known for his player attitude. Gary Matthew. The most powerful billionaire and the CEO of 'Kings & Matthew Corporation'. 
  After he saves Alice, how will both of their life change? In a good way..maybe.
  How will her past affect her .
  Read and find out!

- This book needs heavily editing. Read at your own risk!

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Mccan_muffin Mccan_muffin Aug 07, 2017
Yay that's my name😁😁😁 and yeah im alone😭😭😭
Pepper_Wenzel Pepper_Wenzel May 06, 2017
The story line is great. Just dont add too much attention to "fairy tales"
-LoveRosemary- -LoveRosemary- Jun 13, 2017
Lol, "Justin find this girl" xD 
                              I like the name Gary btw❤️
SonyaGajrani SonyaGajrani Jan 03, 2017
Don't say that ayesha i loved this chapter so much i almost cried and i just wanted to be able to hug them
myStoryline myStoryline Nov 01, 2016
Chapter 1 and I can tell that I'm hooked to this story. 😄😄
sleepdrugs sleepdrugs Jul 24, 2016
Was literally just looking through book suggestions when I saw a cover of the holy, holy Matt Bomer. Gotta read your story now because of him! Gaga