My Country Boy

My Country Boy

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Impossible_Girl By Im_Not_A_Dalek825 Updated Aug 01, 2015

Chapter One

"Come on girl we can do this together." I whispered. I started her at a walk then slowly sped faster each step. "You can do this Summer." my mom yells from the stands. We speed up to the final jump, my horse Isabelle jumps up but when we landed I heard the sound the will haunt me every time I ride a horse. I heard a crack, then everything was moving so fast I didn't know what was happened but, somewhere inside I felt sadness.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I wake up with cold sweat on my brow I look at my clock, it says 3:30 a.m. 
I get up and walk down stairs to get a glass of water, then start my chores early. I slowly made my way out to the barn to get feed for the cows, then I put new sugar cubes in the pail for the horses. after I feed and water all the animals I head back inside to change out off my pj's and into my jeans and boots, I find a cleanish shirt and head back to the barn. I get a saddle and pick one of my many horses and saddle Maximus my dads horse.
I was ri...

Aponycalleddenny Aponycalleddenny Nov 10, 2014
Haha that's usually me that says stuff like that, love hunting