The Price you pay | pjm

The Price you pay | pjm

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♡ By Jiminttrash Completed

(Y/n) and Jimin have been best friends ever since they were children and Jimin has loved her this whole time but never did anything to prove so because (y/n) never seemed interested.

When Jimin and his friends throw a pre high school graduation party things take a turn. What will happen when a game of spin the bottle forces Jimin and (y/n) to kiss.  

Will one kiss ruin their friendship forever ? 

I'll guess you'll just have to read and find out (;

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gracewolfy080 gracewolfy080 Jul 05, 2017
Lol I do non of this I only do showering and dressing and put my hair in a bun
savvyseok savvyseok May 08, 2017
*shows up to party in black jeans and band T-shirt* let's get this party started
noodlemon noodlemon Jul 04, 2017
Lmao i don't even wear makeup I'm too clumsy and idk how to use it 😂 (once I poked myself in the eye while putting on mascara for Halloween 😂)
linox17 linox17 Dec 03, 2017
Jimin likes me !?,Jin and Kookie think I'm hot!? heart can handle only one thing at a time..k?
Louis__larry Louis__larry Jun 30, 2017
Sleep sleep till your alarm says beap(okay that was stupid😋)
histaery histaery Jul 29, 2017
My morning routine: 1. wake up 2. get out of bed 3. ask myself what the proper fvck I'm doing 4. Get back in bed 5. Go to sleep