The Price you pay ((Jimin X Reader))

The Price you pay ((Jimin X Reader))

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(Y/n) and Jimin have been best friends ever since they were children and Jimin has loved her this whole time but never did anything to prove so because (y/n) never seemed interested.

When Jimin and his friends throw a pre high school graduation party things take a turn. What will happen when a game of spin the bottle forces Jimin and (y/n) to kiss.  

Will one kiss ruin their friendship forever ? 

I'll guess you'll just have to read and find out (;

Catinns Catinns Aug 16
Oh the party will be interesting...very very interesting *eyebrow wiggle*
Dam I would honestly react the same way if I kissed my best friend lol
ZzGallagher ZzGallagher Sep 24
""thanks I try" I say which earns a laugh from him" honestly me
Mkat54 Mkat54 Nov 27
I ain't got time to wash, blow dry AND straighten my hair, that ish take like 3 hrs for me in minimum