If The Rolling Stones Were...

If The Rolling Stones Were...

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Shannon By shanardo13 Updated May 22, 2017

The annoying brother who's always trying to force his brothers to do what he wants by blackmailing and saying he'll share their secrets if they don't.

The youngest brother but not stereotypically. He's actually pretty cool and his older brothers consider him one of the gang. He's not a tattletale or suck up like the youngest usually is.

The intelligent brother who the parents are always proud of for bringing home good grades and achieving a lot of success. Also he's a very musical person. Who knows? Maybe one day he'll start a band...

The wise brother who the others always go to when seeking advice. He's usually pretty helpful and is loved by all his brothers.

The quiet one who usually doesn't speak unless spoken to. You're usually going to find him in his room with his nose in a book.

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RushOfficial RushOfficial Jul 29, 2017
Mick, sigh what can I say about the guy. I do agree he can be annoying at some times