His Weakness

His Weakness

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Ryder Angelo is among the most feared names in the world. He's the leader of the most feared gang in London. No one dared to cross his path. He has no weakness...Until she came.

She is his weakness.

Winter Nightingale is just an innocent girl who moved to London from America for her studies. She lived a normal, innocent life... Until he took it all away from her.

" You're mine now, and nothing will change that, so unless you want me to punish you I suggest you shut up and obey me," I growl into her ear as her heart starts beating triple time.

"I-I'm not yours," she tries to stay strong but I chuckle at the weakness laced in her voice.

"Yes,you are. And pretty soon, all of you will be mine." With my free hand I trail my fingers down her curves as her breath hitches from my touch, causing me to smirk.


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TessAngel01 TessAngel01 Feb 13
A Wattpad reader's fav type of content. We all need some Jesus and lots of holy water
I'm not Haitin o it book but does anyone hate it when boys say your mine I own u that just pies ME off but I love it bpok
Marissa3721 Marissa3721 5 days ago
Mhmmm I'm confused as to what sane woman would not be scared if they run into a creepy man in the middle of the night in a foreign country 🤔🤔🤔🤔
                              Jk #bestsjwact
How does he know what shirt she's wearing if she has on a hoodie
5'2 to be exact, if ur the guy imma fall in love then u better clean up that jerky act. U smell beefy. Hmpt