Say You Love Me (Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction)

Say You Love Me (Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction)

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Love, lies, seduction, and deceit. 

Christine Daae, put the events of the Opera Populaire behind her and went on to marry Raoul.   

But three years later she still can't shake the feelings for her angel of music and decides to do what her heart says, she leaves Raoul.  She is finally reunited with her angel of music, but things don't go right.  

From jealous lovers to close calls with death, Christine's love for Erik is put to the test.  

What will happen to them?    

I do not own Phantom of the Opera. 
*Copyright all characters created by me are mine*

- - May 26
*has just rewatched the movie for the 1000000001th time and just dressed up as Erik just to read this*
- - May 26
Okay, could’ve told him that a LITTLE easier.....
katrific16 katrific16 Jan 17, 2017
i'm rereading this book and i'm already remembering the ending :')
bishoujoen bishoujoen Jul 01, 2016
After a while I come back to this story, and it still makes me ache about what's going to happen
ThatOneAwkwardReader ThatOneAwkwardReader Apr 09, 2016
Obviously Christine we all know that you loved the phantom you just wouldn't admit it.
bittersweetcaroline bittersweetcaroline Dec 12, 2016
as a Phantom writer, I can state that this fandom isn't easy to write about.  it takes skill to delve into the past of centuries before.  this author, I can guarantee, will make you fall in love with this story.  I do.