Football Player's Girlfriend✯|NALU

Football Player's Girlfriend✯|NALU

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Cammie☺️💞 By CammieCat Updated Nov 13, 2017

She looked to him, daring eyes. "I can't keep doing this," 

"Lucy, not this again! C'mon," he rolled his eyes, grabbing her hand forcefully.

"Let go! Can't you see?" Tears of anger sprouted in her eyes.

"I don't want to be known as Dragneel's girlfriend! I want to be know as Lucy!" She ripped her hand from his grasp, running farther and farther down the never ending hallway.

"Lucy." He stood there, heart aching as his warmth ran away. 

"LUCY!" He clutched his heart as if it would make her come running back.

STARTED: July 13, 2016

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8-bit_flower 8-bit_flower Dec 06, 2016
I don't like A1, ketchup, mustard, mayo,  honey mustard or BBQ sauce by its self.
Life-is-a-Fairy-Tail Life-is-a-Fairy-Tail Jul 16, 2016
I love NALU and all, but if Lucy is unhappy then I think she should take a break from their relationship and find herself.
Abstractkicker Abstractkicker Dec 03, 2016
Just like the show execpt natsu is yelling for lucy to come back instead not watching her about to die.
Life-is-a-Fairy-Tail Life-is-a-Fairy-Tail Jul 16, 2016
1x800xChokexThatxHoe 1x800xChokexThatxHoe Nov 23, 2016
I always pronounce it as Al sauce. And people always laugh😂😐