Love on a Pole - Septiplier AU

Love on a Pole - Septiplier AU

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Sean was a man who needed a job. Desperately. He had moved from Ireland to America to hopefully start a new chapter in his life, but that wasn't going so well. His money had almost run out, and he needed some way to get more cash before the rent was due at his apartment. So what does he decide to do? He looks everywhere for open positions, but to no avail, nothing is available. Except for when he passes by the strip club by the name of Hard Love. A dancer is needed, and Sean takes up the offer immediately.

Mark was the owner of the strip club Hard Love, and he was in need of a new dancer. His last one quit unexpectedly, and he was left with customers who needed entertainment. So when a young man by the name Sean McLoughlin walks in looking for a job, Mark feels drawn to him. 

What will become of the two and the club?

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Not to be a bish but Ireland is about 6.6 times bigger than Los Angeles... lol sorry
S&M=Sean and mark, Came on=came on the table. SEAN AND MARK CAME ON THE TABLE
Oh Jack are you good enough? Oh man you're DEFINITELY good enough for Mark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
*I call the number just to check* 
                              Merk: Hello?
                              Me: OH FOOK DOIWJOIDJIOS
Jack said he loves coffee but only for the taste, and it actually does not have any affect on him
That moment when its 4am and you have school but THIS FANFIC IS SO GOOD AHH