Story of love ya betrayal (SLOW UPDATES)

Story of love ya betrayal (SLOW UPDATES)

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Cutest angel By khan_Fatima Updated Feb 17

I opened my cupboard and takes My  husband's pic and started murmuring
You know what Sanskar our Samar is same like you and I'm missing you so much today.He always talked about you.He is your clone.

why did you leave me?
Why it happened with me god?

It has been 5 years,still I didnt forget you Sanskar, your memories are still with me,May be you didn't remember me? But why did you leave me sanskar?
What did I do? why did you give me so much pain? I trusted you but you broke my trust.why you betrayed me Sanskar?


"Mom I really love her so much and I just want to see her one time, just once mom and I want to tell her everything everything about that day,mom why it happened to me only tell mom why me? I never did anything thing wrong to anyone then why it happened to me only.

Mom didn't did anything just hugged me tightly and cried as much I was crying.In between sobs she said you didn't did anything wrong Sanskar just happened because of stop in the mid....It was not your fault Sanskar,So don't blame yourself".

I didn't said anything just kept my head on mom's lap.

"Sanskar you'll find her soon and listen don't cry,I just can't see you in this state Sanskar and please promise me that you'll not cry from now" she said and wipes my tears and forwarded her hand.

"Mom I can't promise to you but I'll try my best" I said while wiping her tears and kissed her forehead.

Suddenly I remembered a memory and whenever I pour water on my head.

"Sanskar i loved your silky hairs so much and when you shook your wet hairs na I just loved it and you look so adorable in that look".That's lines always she said to me.

I missing you so so much Swara,why you left me,I just want to see you for once just once.I just can't take it more Swara,Please came back.i love you.

Everything was perfect in their until the tsunami hit their life and shattered everything like a broken mirror which can't be fix until they meet again.

Will they ever meet?.

simran0819 simran0819 Sep 01, 2016
I'd read this but at that time I was busy & after that I forgot to comment Sholly🙏 but it's awesome😍❤
Rainbowblooms7 Rainbowblooms7 Aug 27, 2016
It's amazing yaar truly. NYC starting. Keep it up. & update soon babes
androidredmi2 androidredmi2 Sep 07, 2016
Its too good..loved relationship btw rohan and samar.. totally loved the episode
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Beautiful...😘😘😘 future wife...😘😘😘😘😘
verda_456 verda_456 Jan 31
Started reading ur this ff. And i m loving it. It's amazing story. Now i will next part then i will tell How it is? 😊😀
ShaistaKhan5 ShaistaKhan5 Sep 26, 2016
Amazing 're reading. I was doing my research work. While I took nap. I am re reading. Missing you.