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Fatima Alfihri ❄️ By Dazzling_fatima Updated Jan 08

"What's more terrible, love or hate?"

"Love turning into hate."

His every activity reminds me about you, his talk and made remember about you, i never wanted remember about because you had betrayed me.I never wanted saw you in my life again but he made me to meet you everyday by his activities. Whenever I tried to run away from my past, he takes me there every day and night.

I know that I can't run away from that haunted past but I'll runned from it because it is good for everyone specially for my child, I can't take risk of his life anymore. I'll never let him meet you Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. You had betrayed us on that day, you did every possible ways to destroyed me.I thought that you loved me but you never loved me.I was a fool to get lost in your foolish talk. why did you leave me? 

Why....Why it happened with me only god?

It has been 5 years, still I didnt forget you, your memories are still with me, May be you didn't remember me? But I can't get rid of my haunting past, which is glued with me like a glue.

I lost everything everything on that day when you broke my heart into million pieces,you...you betrayed our love, I was proud to loved you but now I'm shame to call you as my child's father.

Why did you leave me sanskar? What did I do? why did you give me so much pain? I trusted you but you broke my trust,why you betrayed me Sanskar?

Everything broke on that day like mirror,that day I was going to tell you about my pregnancy but you break me on that, you took my everything, you broke that Swara on that which will never came back again, she get buried in the past on that day only.


Everything was perfect in their until the tsunami hit their life and shattered everything like a broken mirror which can't be fix until they meet again.

Will they ever meet??..

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Limerence_123 Limerence_123 Mar 31, 2017
Ohhh this cutie pic is so adorable by seeing him only
                              Wat a feel i get so lovly baby of swadan
Crazy_veru Crazy_veru Apr 01, 2017
Yeh bata tu purane parts fir se kyo update kr rhi hai? 😌😪
simran0819 simran0819 Sep 01, 2016
I'd read this but at that time I was busy & after that I forgot to comment Sholly🙏 but it's awesome😍❤
kingkhan786 kingkhan786 Sep 09, 2016
Beautiful...😘😘😘...my future wife...😘😘😘😘😘
Crazy_veru Crazy_veru Jan 31, 2017
Started reading ur this ff. And i m loving it. It's amazing story. Now i will next part then i will tell How it is? 😊😀
ShaistaKhan5 ShaistaKhan5 Sep 26, 2016
Amazing 're reading. I was doing my research work. While I took nap. I am re reading. Missing you.