Delta Academy

Delta Academy

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Miss Purple By iPurple Updated Apr 12, 2012

Sage Christensen is the head girl in her school. She’s rich, smart, talented and adored by everyone. She’d have the perfect life if only is she wasn’t stuck in UN Delta Academy. 

UN Delta Academy is a school funded by the United Nations, to provide further knowledge for gifted children all around the world. It is the most prestige school in the world. However, the school is like a prison. Once you are admitted as a student, you are not allowed to go outside the walls of the school unless you graduate. Not to mention they divided the male students from the female. 

The students are desperate for the opposite sex. So what will happen when the school suddenly decides to merge the two campuses? Will the male students set Sage free from the female student’s desperate need of relationship? And will she get along with the head of boy of the west campus? Read more to find out!

Latrisha15 Latrisha15 Mar 21, 2016
I hope they put the boys with girls. But if I was sage.....  Many girls asked me out in my academy and I just fake like I didn't hear them.
greyotozoa greyotozoa Jun 12, 2015
They are going to merge the west and the east, that's why they need to renovate the school ;)
EJCT213 EJCT213 May 13, 2015
She's going to fall in love with a boy right??? Not a girl!!! Please! Not a girl!!! The actual reason I'm reading this story is that I want to see if Sage will fall in love with a boy!!! <3 But this book is good!
Amaraxda Amaraxda Jan 26, 2015
The first thing i thoguht from reading the book description was Alice Academy. And i lovee it! Please write more
hecticity hecticity Aug 12, 2014
I LOVE IT! UGH how i wish such school exists. But there's one thing that keeps bothering me: where does the academy get all the money for security and facilities?
crazychic8819 crazychic8819 Jan 26, 2014
I have all her books my favorite is Bex and Cameron I love the first one when Cammie meets Josh on her mission and then everything ends horribly in the end having to earse his merory of the past events of Cammie