Instincts : usuk story

Instincts : usuk story

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ri-ri By ari-ridrake Updated Aug 07

Arthur Kirkland is a normal, boring, constantly grouchy college student who is completely focused on his studies. He realizes that no one likes him, and he's accepted the fact that he'll live alone forever, without someone to love him.

However, one chance encounter with an abnormally large, wounded wolf in his driveway changes him and his life. Especially when he wakes to find a beautiful man in his house rather than the wounded canine he had taken in the night before.

I do no own characters or pics used unless I, for some odd reason, decide to draw one. I cannot draw dogs for the life of me.

I do own plot line, but I don't own werewolves.... That'd be pretty cool, wouldn't it?

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How the hell do you mix up a long haired frog face pervert with a short hair cutie? Aka you literally can't confuse Alfred with Francis!
I cant decide whether i laugh at Francis or just * slams table repeatedly*
poloquin poloquin Mar 13
Canada is older.... (well in the comic, and by settlement, but America gained independence first)
Ngl this is my friend the second she sees a guy she likes *cough* Lauren *cough*
Arthur you literally just told him your dad is a drunk. Does that not seem like personal information to you?
So... is Francis the alpha, or just someone who hates the kirklands?