Beverly Hill's Finest

Beverly Hill's Finest

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melanin By melaninlovinq Updated Jan 23

"He's insanely explosive and uncontrollable!" 

"And I love him!" 

So what the hell do a hyper-privileged, Beverly Hills raised, high class white boy have in common with a middle class Bay Area raised black girl? 

Ivy is sent to completely lunatic alternative school in Beverly Hills for delinquents against her will. She is intrigued by a spontaneous and caring boy because she has no idea why someone like that would be somewhere like a school for delinquents. Someone should've told her curiously killed the cat.

melaninpapi melaninpapi Dec 27, 2016
@melaninlovinq can you get rid of that dumb af comment above me because she's an idiot
I don't care if other minorities use the word, especially if they grew up in the hood or something. But I'd rather we get rid of the word altogether or at least take the power away from it.
AllLivesMatter because there are people who get it worse than. Us
JustAnAri JustAnAri Dec 29, 2016
If you saw my previous comment, never mind because i agree.  #BlackLivesMatter..and sorry, how embarrassing that previous comment was.😔😢😳
JustAnAri JustAnAri Dec 21, 2016
Its either you use it with no ill intent no matter your race, or you dont use it at all no matter your race.
JustAnAri JustAnAri Dec 21, 2016
In that situation you say yes ma'am or yes mom. And hell, id be mad if you said those things for what you decided to do. Smh.