Beverly Hill's Finest

Beverly Hill's Finest

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melanin By melaninlovinq Updated Aug 10

"He's insanely explosive and uncontrollable!" 

"And I love him!" 

So what the hell do a hyper-privileged, Beverly Hills raised, high class white boy have in common with a middle class Bay Area raised black girl? 

Ivy is sent to completely lunatic alternative school in Beverly Hills for delinquents against her will. She is intrigued by a spontaneous and caring boy because she has no idea why someone like that would be somewhere like a school for delinquents. Someone should've told her curiously killed the cat.

Not if I didn't say anything back, you'll curse me out and tell me to say something. But if I say okay, you get mad too. Wtf am I supposed to say?
I use Snapchat but not 24/7 like her. I like my privacy at times
xox_mayaa xox_mayaa Nov 09
Hunny come to england😂 13 year olds be smoking blunts and fags
xcxhannah xcxhannah Oct 20
I tell my friends this all the time when they're at my house or I'm at theirs. Like you know the black people die first in the movies smh
.. Well I find nothing wrong with it as long as a person doesn't have Ill intent when using the word..
Im Ok with if they say it as long as they don't say it with a r