Their World | Rilaya

Their World | Rilaya

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Riley and Maya just started dating and are now forced to take on their new world as a couple. 

This is a sequel to my first story "It Was Always Her | Rilaya" and I would suggest reading that with or before reading this book.

This book will follow the girls and their friends' lives once the two started dating. 

As always, I hope you enjoy.

Awesome second chapter!!! Missy better watch out TEXAS LUCAS IS HERE!!!!
I had a feeling that Missy will appear in the book when you told us that you'll maybe make a sequel. I feel like your gonna put some true Maya in the story. And what if Missy is bisexual but she hiding it and likes Maya but she's dating Riley so she tries to break them apart? Awesome first chapter
Apsalo Apsalo Nov 24
its true, maya isn't herself, cause riley stood up to missy, she did what maya normally would have done
I love it but plz know bullying maybe some hate but no bullying