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Texts OGOC

Texts OGOC

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♡♡Skye♡♡ By Gilinskysbabygirl5 Completed

Y/N: hey

SAMMY💦💕: hey baby girl

EYEBROWS👌😂: stop being thirsty Sam

SKATE😍😍: 😂💀 

BABYBOY😘❤: I'm trying yo sleep it'd midnight please shut up 

SAMMY💦💕: you know you could mute the chat right 

BABYBOY😘❤: shut up Sam 

SAMMY💦💕: make me 

Y/N : guys stop can we at least have a decent conversation 

EYEBROWS👌😂: yes please 


BABYBOY😘❤: bye guys 

SKATE😍😍: bye bitch 

Y/N : be nice to my baby boy 

SAMMY💦💕: I'll be nice if you do us a favor 

Y/N : what do you want 

SKATE😍😍: nudes 

Y/N :fine 😒😒

SAMMY💦💕: I'll be back in ten 

SKATE😍😍: ^^


Y/N: bye perverts 

MamiQueen MamiQueen Aug 03, 2016
Can I have a group chat with the Omaha boys and Y/N likes Jack Gilinsky and the others start teasing her
Can i have a chat were the guys are arguing and keep on telling me shiît about me being pregnant with Ethan Dolans kids (there twins)  and all i respond with is memes until i end up exploding and telling them off  . You can do the rest , thanks .
-lcvebyyoutube -lcvebyyoutube Nov 28, 2016
Can I have a chat where the Omaha boys are really horny and keep begging and picking on Y/N for nudes so she gives them the nudes
crazymofos_1993 crazymofos_1993 Dec 06, 2016
I love how she just say Fine I would be like HELL no go tell Maddison to send u that😬😏😂😂