Texts OGOC

Texts OGOC

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♡♡Skye♡♡ By xxprincessxx303 Completed

Y/N: hey

SAMMY💦💕: hey baby girl

EYEBROWS👌😂: stop being thirsty Sam

SKATE😍😍: 😂💀 

BABYBOY😘❤: I'm trying yo sleep it'd midnight please shut up 

SAMMY💦💕: you know you could mute the chat right 

BABYBOY😘❤: shut up Sam 

SAMMY💦💕: make me 

Y/N : guys stop can we at least have a decent conversation 

EYEBROWS👌😂: yes please 


BABYBOY😘❤: bye guys 

SKATE😍😍: bye bitch 

Y/N : be nice to my baby boy 

SAMMY💦💕: I'll be nice if you do us a favor 

Y/N : what do you want 

SKATE😍😍: nudes 

Y/N :fine 😒😒

SAMMY💦💕: I'll be back in ten 

SKATE😍😍: ^^


Y/N: bye perverts 

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Queenbj13 Queenbj13 Apr 15, 2017
Can I Brianna have on where Nate and her date but the guys don't know and in the group chat they ask for nudes and Nate gets mad and then they get confused so Nate tells them that they're a couple
onewholesomeyoungin onewholesomeyoungin Oct 14, 2017
what bothers me is that in like All these gc books they girls just like HERE SOME NUDES like nah sis
MamiQueen MamiQueen Aug 03, 2016
Can I have a group chat with the Omaha boys and Y/N likes Jack Gilinsky and the others start teasing her
nxcsin nxcsin Jan 31, 2017
Can i have a chat were the guys are arguing and keep on telling me shiît about me being pregnant with Ethan Dolans kids (there twins)  and all i respond with is memes until i end up exploding and telling them off  . You can do the rest , thanks .
Can I have a chat where the Omaha boys are really horny and keep begging and picking on Y/N for nudes so she gives them the nudes
crazymofos_1993 crazymofos_1993 Dec 06, 2016
I love how she just say Fine I would be like HELL no go tell Maddison to send u that😬😏😂😂