Only a Surrogate

Only a Surrogate

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Amber By AmbyLuvsz Updated Mar 07

Victoria Fieldings ran away from home when she was eighteen years old.  Three years later, and she's still trying to make ends meet with any job that she could find. 

She starts to become more desperate as her past starts to sneak up behind her, threatening to take her back to the world that she ran away from. 

That is, until he came in. 

Xavier Morcelli had everything he could ever want. Money, cars, and girls. But to him, the one thing he always wanted was the very thing he lacked. A child for him to pass his legacy onto. 

To escape his mother's matchmaking antics and fight the loneliness that he felt, he looked for a surrogate. And a surrogate he found. 

There was only one catch. 

Xavier wanted to be married to uphold his traditional values and Victoria doesn't know if she's ready to give up three years of her life for a baby who she will only end up leaving.

Cover by: luisafaustino

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SaintIves__ SaintIves__ Sep 17
There's something wrong with this sentence. The entire chapter is in the past tense but this particular sentence isn't.
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Thaomio Thaomio Aug 23, 2016
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