Broken Bones - Underfell Papyrus X Reader

Broken Bones - Underfell Papyrus X Reader

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Inky By InkySplash Updated Sep 23

Y/N, a girl who is bullied, accidentally falls down a mysterious hole, spooked by an unknown force. Meanwhile, she meets a timid flower, who leads her through the dark underground. Brave and tough, she expects herself to survive the odd challenges of the underground; but how far will her courage bring her? Will she ever get home? Will a certain skeleton in boots make her want to stay?

Spoilers for just Undertale in general.

There will be some (eventual) fluff, just a warning (づ⌣ω⌣)づ

I do NOT own any content besides the story. All characters and images belong to the original artists and creators. Thank you.

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DevilTori DevilTori Apr 07
                              Me:.....SCREW IT
                              *Kills flowey in slow motion while the song, Hello Darkness,plays*
*reading the first chapter fills you with:
                              Honor for the Author's amazing writing skills,
                              oh, and Determination too.
DevilTori DevilTori Apr 07
*walks threw mt. Ebott park like a crab*
                              Me:DO DA DE DE DUMMM,IMA WALK THREW THE PARK LIKE AN IDIOT-*Falls down the hole*
                              Me:YOLO BOIIIII
My favorite color is...THE RAINBOW!
                              I'm a bisexual xD
Fùck this shìt I'm out! 
                              Mmmm mmmm
                              Fùck this shìt I'm out! 
                              No thanks! 
                              Don't mind me.
                              Imma just grab my stuff and leave.
                              Fùck this shìt I'm out! 
                              Fùck this shìt I'm out!
TotallyNotTurtle TotallyNotTurtle Nov 10, 2016
I love it so much.In other stories the reader just cries and takes the beating and doesn't fight back which is not me but I'm so happy you made it were the reader fights back finally a book I can truly fall in love with XP