Kidnapped(A Roc royal Love story)

Kidnapped(A Roc royal Love story)

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A girl named (Put your name) thought she met the perfect guy(chresanto august) until she has finally had enough.

~In the house~

Roc- Yn didn't I tell you to bring me something to eat.

Yn-y-yes I am sorry I will get it.

Roc-hurry up bitch.

Yn- Ok Roc

Yn's POV- Ever since Roc's parents died in a car-accident he has changed. He is not the same roc I fell in love with. He beats me and calls me out of my name. I am starting to get tierd of this shit but deep down in my heart I love him.(End of POV)

Roc-(comes in the kitchen  and punches you in the face) WHERE THE FCK IS MY FOOD YN!

Yn-(crying) I am sorry. I was almost done.

Roc- You disgust me(Spits on you) Go upstairs know!

Yn-(runs upstairs cryin)

Roc's POV- You might think I treat Yn like shit but deep down I really do love her. I just don't want her to leave me She was my first love. Maybe I should stop all this shit.(End of POV)

Roc-(walks upstairs and opens the door) Yn I am so sorry for how I treat you. I am just scared y...